Quickfit Shelving System

You can to assembly everything you want

Quickfit diagonal is equally suitable for large industrial enterprises, shops and archive organization. Thanks to it diagonal strengthening and to additional strengthening on the frames’ width, quickfit diagonal is able to achieve up to 3 m height and 800 mm width of the shelvests. Allows unilateral service.

Quickfit rundum
 is shelving whit universal application and suitable for bilateral service. In addition this shelving allows building of closed systems whit drawers and cabinet shelves, that increase its using comfort more and more.

Quickfit maxifach assure you 30% more space on its shelves. Whit diagonal strengthеning, suitable for unilateral service. Thanks to its width shelves whit high bearing capacity, it is especially suitable for storage for keeping of materials whit big measures and big single weight.

The quickfit’s family want be complete without quickfit mkand quickfit mrk. These practical shelving are specially constructed for using in storage or shops for small parts and tools. Thanks to extraordinary perspicuousness of well-arranged on it things in practical boxes, you always have an instantaneous access to everything you need at the moment. Suitable for bilateral service.

Main features:

  • Easy assembly without bolts
  • Available in different heights and widths
  • Bearing capacity from 50 up to 375 kg per shelve
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