Design: Dauphin Design Team

Experts recommend standing aids for all time-intensive activities which cannot be carried out while sitting. This is because alternating sitting and standing phases are ideal. Although circulatory processes can be promoted by transferring weight from one leg to the other, over a relatively long period of time the body cannot cope with standing in a more or less static position. Using standing aids, the body’s locomotor apparatus is beneficially relaxed whether at a machine terminal or high desk or even at the ironing board, at school or kindergarten or when making music.

Main features:

  • Ergonomically shaped seat with an anti-slip surface made from hard-wearing polyurethane
  • Mobile standing aid with an infinitely height-adjustable, chrome foot ring with an anti-slip surface as well as a flat steel base with plastic cover caps
  • Seat can be tilted up to -15º
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