S 64 Atelie

Design: Marcel Breuer, artistic copyright Mart Stam, 2019

The S 64 Atelier: a classic starts to move

The working world is changing – home offices and studio offices are places where mobility, flexibility, and communication play a decisive role, places where furniture classics that comply with modern lifestyles also have a place. For this purpose, Thonet makes an icon of classic furniture design mobile – valid to this day in its formal language: the chair S 64 by Marcel Breuer. As S 64 Atelier, the classic – as a swivel chair with a central leg and castors – can be used in home offices as well as in working and communication zones of modern offices. The S 64 Atelier continues a concept of Breuer; in the historic Thonet tubular steel catalogue from 1935, other tubular steel chairs with a swivel frame that combined the design of a cantilever chair with the function of a swivel chair are attributed to him, among others.

The Swiss designer Christophe Marchand, who already developed tubular steel furniture for Thonet and approached the task with tremendous sensitivity and respect for the original design idea, accompanied this translation.

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