Comfort Shelving System

Shelving whit suit and tail

Why not?! Isn’t only document’s loading needed. The bestseller in the office furnishing and the archive. Comfort diagonal. And the best – there aren’t any bolts. Any special tools. Just stack, stretch the diagonals end you have building your shelving already. The side frames have been delivering stacking anyway.

Comfort open
 guarantee the freedom in the premises you need. Whit the same easy assembly but without diagonal strengthening, it is especially much in demand when an exceptionally stability in any part of the premises and a possibility for bilateral service is needed. Warranty for its exceptionally stability is good “ invisible “ strengthening of the base and on the width.

Main features

  • Comfort shelving whit or without diagonal strengthening
  • Ideal for unilateral or bilateral service
  • Easy assembly without bolts
  • Available in different heights and widths
  • Bearing capacity from 50 up to 100 kg per shelve



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