Checkout areas

Specially tailored to the conditions in checkout area
A check-out conveyor belt: where goods have to be constantly passed across the scanner and there is a queue of customers waiting, a high-quality seating solution is essential. A work chair used in a check-out enclosure must be able to cope with every movement and shift of weight. At the same time, it must ensure that it fulfils the ergonomic needs of employees. On top of all this, the special chair must be small in diameter given the limited space available in the check-out enclosure.

The FlexSit concept is the ideal solution for use in check-out areas. When heavy goods lying on the conveyor belt are lifted, pressure is exerted on the thighs. Owing to FlexSit with flexible front edge the seat-depth can be adjusted automatically. This ensures that no pressure points occur on the undersides of the thighs.
The “Work-Balance” concept goes one step further: The upper part of the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the person sitting on it and tilts up to 8° forwards.

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